Hi people! Nice that you arrived here! My name is Augustin Bratie, I’m born on 9 March of 1994 in Romania in the best medieval town Sighisoara. Back in 2010 when I was a teenager, I’ve started to listen for the first time Electronic music and it was the music from Paul Kalkbrenner the best in Minimal-Tech music. From the first time when I’ve heard Electronic music I’ve felt that everything is more easy, and the life started to be perfect. For 2 years i was listening a lot of Minimal, Tech-House, House, EDM music and i said then that i wanna try to see how can i play. First, I’ve download Virtual Dj Software and i was working with keyboard and my mouse. My big brother told me that sound’s pretty good and I’ve started to play more and more and save money for an External DJ Controller so I’ve manage to buy one and started to play like a “real dj” for the next 10 years. After 2 years form when i finished High School back in 2013, I’ve moved in Germany for more opportunity in my dream to be a Big Dj. I tried 5 years but not to much opportunity 😊), after 5 years I said that is better for my future and for my soul to go back Home in Romania. In 2020 I’ve made this big step i have returned in Romania and now my home is in Brasov City. I’ve tried a lot of years to introduce myself in the real world for live sets, clubs, festivals…. but nobody wanted to help me. And i said that i have to work harder. So here i am, “Present In The Moment”. For more, you will find me😊. I hope you all enjoy my work stay with me for more “Best Of”. Thank you all for your support!

Regards: Augustin Bratie